Facts and Figures

INCREON is different, is more than a standard agency, and is not your run-of-the-mill advertising agency. INCREON creates values and successes for brands, markets, and business developments. Our promise: Inspiring. Creativity. On track.

  • 2000 — The agency was founded

  • 2007 — Opening of the agency in Shanghai

  • Around 50 permanent staff in Munich and Shanghai. 15 in the digital team.

  • 60 freelance workers in our network

  • International partner for marketing localization

  • 3.60 million EUR gross income in 2021

  • 24.01 million EUR Equivalent Billings according to GWA in 2021

When the size of the results, not the size of the agency, is what matters. INCREON.

Development of Gross Income

3.60 million EUR in 2021
3.78 million EUR in 2020
3.44 million EUR in 2019
3.51 million EUR in 2018
3.29 million EUR in 2017
3.23 million EUR in 2016
3.01 million EUR in 2015
2.84 million EUR in 2014
2.73 million EUR in 2013
2.53 million EUR in 2012
2.26 million EUR in 2011

Average annual growth since the agency was founded


Number of employees


Number of freelancers in the network


And to compare …

… to the current agency rankings in Germany, we are among the top 20 of the B2B agencies and branding agencies, among the top 100 of the owner-managed agencies, and among the top 200 of all German communication agencies. Our range of services in combination with our own agency in Shanghai is unique.

This Is What We Do

Our marketing is strategic and holistic. Our creative is integrated, clear, and direct. Our technical solutions are intuitive to use and right-sized.