Be reachable everywhere. Be able to communicate everywhere via smartphone, email, instant messaging, social media, and so on. Find every answer online. Link up knowledge. And connect up objects. Be able to buy everything at any time, and pay for it immediately. At home, at work, on the go, on an airplane … a matter of course today, especially for the generations that cannot possibly imagine a life without smartphone and Internet. Any yet the Internet as a non-military network, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and the World Wide Web are only about 30 years old. Only since around 2006 has Internet content increasingly been created by Internet users themselves. In 2016, annual IP traffic exceeded the mark of a zettabyte, which is one trillion gigabytes. There is no end in sight to this development … compared to the history of industry, we are at the beginning.

Customized digital solutions for your business in China

A digital presence plays an even stronger role in China as compared to in Western countries. The rapid rise of the Internet in China, the strong consumption of digital content, the high level of acceptance and curiosity, and the strong linkage between social and business networks make it essential for companies to have a digital presence and reach their customers via digital channels. Mobile applications in particular play an important role in everyday life, determining social and consumer behaviour. The WeChat app is particularly important in this respect, as it allows various tasks in the private and business sectors to be carried out directly from a smartphone. In addition, the app offers numerous functions with which you can ideally support the sale of your goods, services, or both.

Our aim at INCREON is to give your company a strong digital identity for ideally building your brand. We start with analysis, planning, and conceptual design, carry out the implementation, and support ongoing monitoring and operation.

As a specialized digital agency with our own in-house digital lab and digital experts in Germany and directly on site in China, we are here for you. We apply our many years of experience in the Chinese market to offering you the optimal interweaving of all relevant disciplines.

We offer:

Consulting on your online strategy

To be successful, online marketing strategies need to meet the needs of the market and the target group. These can be different in China compared to in your home market(s). In order to define the right strategy for your business, we analyse your target group, markets, competitors, and performance and provide you with concrete recommendations for your online strategy in China.

The INCREON in-house team puts recommendations directly into practice. With our headquarters in Munich we have a cross-border presence. Web developers, programmers, graphic designers, and project managers work on the implementation of your digital marketing strategy. Our services include, among others:

Corporate websites

  • Web hosting and server setup
  • Conceptual design of websites
  • Web development
  • Web design and programming
  • Web maintenance, security updates, and backups
  • CMS training
  • Evaluation of the performance of the website

Content management and corporate blogging

It is essential not only to set up your corporate website, but also to maintain it. Reaching your target market is possible only with good content. This also applies to search engine optimization (SEO). When a post or page is visited frequently, this has positive effects in the search engine.


WeChat is currently the most important app in China; therefore, very important in building a strong brand in China. We support you to strategically
plan and build your channel and show you how to use it skilfully for sales and communication.


As an important instrument for brand building, as a recruiting platform, for storytelling, or as a platform for dialogue, LinkedIn offers numerous possibilities which you can use in a smart way both in Germany and in China.


Having a website is one thing. Making the pages known and being found online is another. But the web in China is different from the web in Germany and Europe. We know all about these special differences.

Email marketing and lead nurturing

Newsletters and mailings are a popular and successful instrument for addressing target audiences. Contents can be sent to precise addresses and at the same time provide insights into the behaviour of the target audience through click behaviour and response rates. At the same time it must be ensured that your mailings in China perform, and that data is properly collected, stored and used. It is also important in China that content is prepared for the respective target audience.