With nearly 600 million users, LinkedIn links résumés, CVs, and profiles of companies around the world. LinkedIn members can clearly arrange jobs and work experience in their profiles, share business news with others, and network and exchange information with others. The integrated job board gives job seekers a well-organised overview of advertised positions. However, due to the international nature of the network and its wide reach, it is no longer used exclusively by private individuals.

LinkedIn has thus become an important platform for marketing, recruiting, communication, and sales activities of companies. Members of the network can view company profiles to find out about the services of organisations, get to know their brands, or look at job offers and start application procedures. Employees or alumni can also be easily located. The possibility of interaction allows direct communication with the target group. This transparency is important in today’s world, where participation is of central importance. At the same time, companies find out what their target group is interested in and can thus successfully gain leads from initial contacts. The professional use of LinkedIn can become a decisive competitive advantage for companies. We support you in achieving this!

It is important that LinkedIn is seen as an integral part of your organisation’s marketing strategy and that the brand identity (appearance) of the channel is implemented in line with the brand. As a branding agency, we support you from conceptual design to performance measurement. Besides building the actual channel, regularly creating interesting and relevant content is especially important. This can quickly get lost in everyday work and lead to followers losing interest in the channel. We develop editorial plans and create posts in the form of texts, images, videos, or interactive content. Through regular evaluation, important statements about the success and reach of the contributions along with recommendations for action can be derived for the regular optimisation of your own LinkedIn measures and strategy.

Our services:

  • Consulting and strategy
  • Creating the company profile
  • Editorial planning and ongoing support
  • Content development
  • Ongoing search engine optimization
  • Evaluation and reporting