While in the West, Google is the top dog among the search engines and has no serious competition, the situation is different in China. In China, Baidu, with a share of over 60%, dominates the search engine market. Baidu was founded in 2000 and is currently one of the most popular and most visited websites in the world.

In addition to the search engine, Baidu also offers many other solutions, such as navigation services, an online encyclopaedia, discussion forums, news, a knowledge database, cloud storage services, and much more. It can make sense to use these platforms for optimization as well. We decide this from case to case.

We offer seven starting points to ensure your success in digital marketing and online branding using on-page optimisation:

Content architecture

Search engines evaluate all your websites and instances of your online presence, media formats, and messages on the Internet according to their relevance in terms of content, time, and location. We provide you with techniques so that your content can be found and processed across platforms.

Loading speed

Search engines rate your websites in general and also depending on the output device. We provide you with the tools to display your web pages rapidly on different end devices; thus, enabling search engines to crawl your content.

Responsive design

As with other major search engines, Baidu also prefers websites that are optimized for mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets). We develop solutions that enable the optimal display of your website on mobile devices and thus not only provide a better experience for the user, but also allow Baidu to better evaluate and fully capture the content.

Web server

An important criterion for the accessibility and loading time of your website is the server location. Whether in Mainland China or the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, we can help you find the right provider and server for you. We can assist you in ordering and setting up and obtaining the necessary licenses to operate a website in China.


Relevance and quality are in focus when we optimize your content for Baidu. We pay attention to keyword density, but also to prominently placing the most important content on your website.

Maintenance routines

Search engines evaluate the change intervals of your websites. We implement the necessary tools and work methods in your organization and help you with ongoing support.

Measuring instruments

Search engines regularly change their rating mechanisms. We analyse this continuously and derive necessary activities from it.


If a prominent position on the search results page is needed in a short time, placing advertisements is a good way to achieve quick results. We advise you on the possibilities that Baidu offers you in this regard and support you in the selection of suitable keywords and advertisement formats.