The WeChat app has almost one billion active users and everyday life in China would be unimaginable without it. WeChat is much more than just messenger software – countless functions make the app an all-round tool for the smartphone. WeChat is used to maintain and manage contacts; exchange information, files, pictures and videos; and send and receive orders and contracts, right up to business transactions within seconds, including money transfer. Private and business contacts and matters are all in the same place – a fact that is completely normal in Chinese business life.

WeChat for marketing and sales

Like no other social media channel, WeChat offers the opportunity to position, present, and sell in China. WeChat has become an integral part of the working environment – whether it is for networking with colleagues, following internal company news, or connecting with potential business partners. Boundaries are blurring. In order to be successful and gain attention among the ever-growing number of WeChat channels, an effective strategy must be developed that meets the needs of the target group and takes into account the constantly changing conditions and trends.
How do I open a WeChat account? What information is relevant? What content really interests my customers and leads? How can I best sell my products and services with WeChat? How can I correctly document data exchanged within the WeChat network as a company?
INCREON supports you in answering these questions in all phases, from strategic planning to implementation and ongoing support. We help you develop an integrated approach that includes WeChat as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Our services at a glance:

  • Consulting and conceptual planning
  • Setup, creation, and/or modification of the WeChat channel
  • Creating mini-programs
  • Setting up a shop and integration of payment options
  • Integration of additional functionalities and services
  • Drafting articles and ongoing support
  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Using WeChat at work
  • Training and seminars