Für die Markenarbeit braucht es ein weites Wissensfeld, denn jede Marke ist als Persönlichkeit anders, hat andere Ziele und Pläne, muss individuell wahrgenommen werden. In der Markenentwicklung muss gleichwohl von heute in eine erreichbare Zukunft projiziert werden, um die richtigen Formen, Farben, Medien usw. zu kreieren. Deshalb bedienen wir in der Brandingagentur die ganze Bandbreite der Markenkommunikation, um mit den vielfältigen Talenten und Experten in Fachgebieten Markenarbeit zu machen, die mittel- und langfristig angelegt ist.

At INCREON, B2B communication with a clear focus on technology has always taken centre stage. And in today’s global markets, being oriented internationally is taken for granted. We have in-depth knowledge in the Asian and Chinese markets, especially with our own branding agency in Shanghai.


100% creativity

Creativity is the virtue of our B2B branding agency and the basic utility we provide to our clients. There is no question about it. But not all creativity is created equal. We do not limit creativity to design, image, colour, sound, or new combinations of elements. For us, creativity is characterised by passion and emotionality. It spurs us on at the branding agency, but in a much larger context. Creativity is about partly new, but always effective methods to solve a problem or complete a task. In essence, creative branding tasks revolve around new names, successful brand strategies, and effective print and digital brand communication. Flexibility and originality combined with independence lead us to the ideas and to the solutions.

100% competence in technology

An understanding of technology. Constant curiosity about the use of new technologies. And thinking in terms of transfer, how new technologies can be used creatively for an effective solution to a problem. All these things contribute to the technological competence at our branding agency. We passionately use new tools, try them out, and network with others. Whether with the first websites in HTML1, the first digital single-lens reflex camera, the latest program versions of important programs, or the livestream from our own green screen studio – innovations are tested in our branding agency for their usability for B2B brand communication and, if they are suitable, integrated with utmost precision into our work. There is, however, another aspect of technological competence. Many years of brand consulting and branding work with clients from industrial and high-tech sectors provide ongoing insight into technical and economic possibilities. This experience in the B2B branding agency is broadened by each project and broadens our horizons. In times when many things are changing very quickly, this broad view is of great advantage.


100% consulting competence

Consulting is our passion; implementation is where we really show off what we can do. Successfully implementing important B2B branding tasks requires a solid foundation. That is why our foundation always starts with analysis and moves on to conceptual design, culminates in implementation, and, at the end, involves control from lessons learned and continuous improvement. There are many names for it, such as control loop or systems theory approach. What matters most is that we work like this in brand consulting at our branding agency. Partnership on a level playing field and reliability in both large and small tasks inspire our consulting competence.

Consistent brand communication

Branding work requires a broad field of knowledge, because every brand is different as a personality, has different goals and plans, and must be perceived individually. In brand development, at the same time, it is necessary to project from today into an achievable future so as to create the right shapes, colours, media, and so on. This is why we at the branding agency provide the entire spectrum of brand communication, so that we do branding work which is designed for the medium and long term using the diverse talents and experts in specialist areas. Furthermore, we can only carry out our tasks in corporate design and corporate communication for our clients and define them in corresponding guidelines if we ourselves can also write, design, film, animate, program, etc. This means that our diversity is not like that of a peddler’s selection of goods or merely like a nice buffet, but the engine for innovative, sustainable, and consistent B2B brand communication. This is also and especially true in international markets.