Durch Bildsprache inszeniert die B2B-Brandingagentur INCREON Markenaufbau und Markenführung der Kunden in Foto und Video. Audio unterstreicht das Markenerlebnis.

Another aspect underlines the importance of images for us at our branding and marketing agency. Images are always perceived before text. This also applies to films and videos: We listen to videos more than we watch them. The voices, sounds, and film music create an atmosphere, arouse emotions, and strengthen the dramatisation of a scene.

We at the agency use our knowledge of the effect of photography, audio, and video for building brands, communicating about brands, and developing and managing brands. We develop general, classic imagery, image concept, and key visuals. The basic image- and sound-defining constants in terms of video branding and audio branding are also created, tried out, and described for further use if suitable and liked.

Because of our in-house possibilities, our agency for brand development creates a completely new scope in image and sound. By using the latest technologies for equipment and programs, standards are set that accompany a B2B brand far into the future.

Photography and video

With our agency’s photographer we accompany you at exhibitions, events, and trade fairs, walk through your company documenting along, and show products and services directly in use. It does not matter if the location is a wind power plant, a construction crane, or the belly of a container ship’s engine. We set ourselves high standards in creating expressive B2B images whose visual language tells something about the brand.

If the unique visual language of the brand requires a custom-tailored photo shoot, we will also design and organise one. We can arrange everything from the location search and model selection, decorations, stylist, and make-up artist to the corresponding model contracts.

For videos, the agency is equipped in such a way that everything is possible, from atmospheric and informative documentaries and interviews to product presentations and explanatory videos. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether close up or from a distance or from the air – the appropriate equipment is available to express images and visual language as needed by the brand and with high standards of naturalness and authenticity.

We create the concept, storyboard, and text. We also manage studio design or location scouting, select models, coordinate decorations on location, and hire stylists and make-up artists – in other words, we completely organise the shoot.

We view and select raw material. We do multimedia animations, rough cutting, fine cutting, video postproduction, and multilingual dubbing of videos. We also prepare video data for various media formats. Everything we do represents the identity and values of the brand and visual language in line with defined video branding and audio branding.

2D and 3D animations

Today, technical diagrams in all sorts of forms are an integral part of technical documentation and explanatory videos, trade fair demos, sales demos, and web applications. Even in print, the mere line drawing is usually no longer sufficient. What data is available in which technology? What can be done for 2D and 3D applications with what effort and with which visual end result?

Virtual stage solutions create simple possibilities for showing prototypes in a real environment at an early stage. And some 3D applications replace costly shootings and shootings on location or outdoors. The appropriate processing of common 3D data from CAD programs and the integration of the objects into the visual language of the customer creates new, diverse, and flexible solutions for the presentation of products.

Audio – Speaker

The voice must fit the topic. And from a brand perspective, videos from a company ideally have the same speaker voice for certain applications. Especially in the area of explanatory videos and documentaries, of which the user usually watches several in succession, this creates trust and builds loyalty. The better the voice matches the company, brand, and presented topic, the more this audio-visual level contributes to the B2B brand and underscores the imagery and visual language of the brand. The same applies to translators’ voices. Even in English, German, or Japanese, the voice must match the brand – just like the pace and melody of speech.

Audio – Music

What is true for voice is also true for music. Having a style is helpful. A brand is a personality – like a human being. Every person has a preferred style and also favourite music. This can also be seen in the brand personality. This does not mean that everything sounds the same. But you can recognize your preferred style – by volume, tempo, rhythm, and modulation. Jazz, rock, pop, Latin, classical music, and more … every style has many variations to offer. It is important to find your own style.