What would the world be without Microsoft PowerPoint? And without presentations? Whether as an instrument in sales or for the onboarding of new employees, at the works meeting or press conference, as slides in a webinar or as a version of a product presentation on the web set to music, to support the information shared in committees and as a quick visualisation instrument for ideas … presentations are used in many ways. Accordingly, there are numerous templates and designs available online, not to mention the creativity of the individual user.

From the point of view of brand management, presentations, usually based on PowerPoint, are a valuable tool for us as a marketing agency. Nevertheless, it must be taken into account that a professionally designed presentation in terms of content and visuals does not yet replace the rhetoric and eloquence of the speaker. It must not be forgotten that overloaded presentation slides in seven-point small type only cause those in the audience to squint and shake their heads.

Rhetoric needs to be trained. Likewise, the knowledge to think of and develop the content of exciting, inspiring, or information-oriented presentations with good dramatisation also needs to be trained. For brand management, however, there is a further step: Basic knowledge of how to present a brand must be available so that slides in the corporate design of the company are created and individual creativity knows its limits.
For presentations, PowerPoint offers excellent possibilities for creating slide masters for a wide range of typical applications. Colour schemes can be set up. Preferred formats for tables, shapes, SmartArt objects, and diagrams can be defined. The same applies to the use of effects for slide transitions or the animation of objects. All these items can be done in the spirit of the brand and derived from the brand identity. If the use is trained internally (in the sense of train-the-trainer by us at our branding agency), the use is controlled as a precaution. If standard presentations are available as a foundation, then order is created. And colleagues from different locations can easily meet at the client’s premises: Each employee can present his or her part and all together inspire your customer with the uniform style and visual strength of the brand presentation.

Of course, there is a long way to go before this uniformity is achieved. Time and efficiency advantages are an important argument. If colleagues in all departments are additionally equipped with practical tips and tricks, a company-owned picture archive is made available, and a pool of presentation slides that are generally valid is prepared, the task becomes manageable. And all presentations are then effective for the brand.