Audio branding

Audio branding makes it possible to experience a brand through audiovisual stimuli. Through a specific acoustic pattern, emotions can be triggered in a targeted manner, and information can be conveyed more easily and anchored better in the emotional memory.

Hear the brand.

Audio branding. The direct way to emotion.

The first sense that develops in humans is hearing. The auditory perception of different wavelengths and vibrations determines and influences our lives. Why? Because the vibrations of sounds penetrate our body and thus change our individual vibration. Low tones soothe, high tones excite, rocking music invigorates, and slow music soothes. Tones, sounds, and voices touch the emotional perception of a person very directly. They take the direct path from the ear to the heart.

This is exactly where audio branding comes in. Our branding agency is all about making a brand come alive through audiovisual stimuli. Emotions are specifically triggered by the keynote of a company — by its own sound image. For this reason alone, the question of suitable hold music (for telephone calls) is by no means trivial. The sound of a company is an important part of branding and brand experience. With the right tone — not just in personal interactions with customers — information can be conveyed more easily and anchored better in emotional memory. Sound as a sum of tones, sounds, and rhythms combines reason and emotion, uses the senses to create access, and is a highly emotional brand statement.

Sound identity for B2B brands in global markets

Audio branding is a multifaceted discipline of brand communication that focuses on creating the distinctive acoustic identity of a brand. Part of audio branding is the brand’s sound logo, i.e., the recognizable jingle used in all audiovisual media in conjunction with the logo. In addition, there is brand music, which expresses the typical sound and acoustic style of the brand. Brand voice is also becoming increasingly important these days. This can be a distinctive and memorable speaker voice or the general definition of speaker voice and voice modulation for the brand in audiovisual media. We define all of this at the B2B branding agency.

In international B2B markets, audio branding is a powerful tool to reinforce brand identity, trust, and recognition, which is becoming more and more important.

In addition to these more musically inspired stimuli, audio branding touches on other areas. Even products can have their own sound: the engine of the car, the slamming of the car door, or the gurgling of the coffee machine. In addition to product sounds, there are also functional sounds, message tones, and acoustic signals involved when devices, machines, and software are operated. These audiovisual stimuli also shape brand perception.

Audio branding is an invisible brand ambassador. It reverberates in the ears, minds, and hearts of customers and employees — and creates an unmistakable emotional connection!

Benefits of audio branding for B2B brands

  • Recognition: A unique sound logo or a unique jingle can make the B2B brand immediately identifiable, even without visual elements.
  • Emotional connection: Music and sound have the power to evoke emotions. Through cleverly designed audio branding, positive emotions can be associated with the brand.
  • Consistency: In international markets, in which communication is often multi-layered, audio branding provides a consistent message that can transcend language and cultural barriers.
  • Professionalism: Well thought-out audio branding demonstrates professionalism and strategic direction, which strengthens the trust of B2B customers.

How is audio branding created at the INCREON Studios?

At the branding agency, audio branding begins like any other part of brand work with the analysis of the brand, its values, target audiences, and brand personality along with the definition of which touchpoints should be accompanied acoustically. Based on these findings, an auditory concept is created that captures the characteristic sounds and moods of the brand. This concerns rhythm, timbres, harmonies, and melodies. Collaboration with composers, sound designers, and audio professionals is crucial in order to achieve the desired emotional effect.

These acoustic parameters can then be summarized in guidelines for permanent use. On the basis of these guidelines, individual sounds are developed or composed in a targeted manner for the B2B brand. The sound logo and brand music are later available in a suitable form for integration into audiovisual media.

This audible brand experience is used in a variety of ways: while callers are on hold on the telephone, on the website, in presentations, at trade fairs and events, in all kinds of films, at the point of sale, in digital signage, in training courses, etc.

In a global B2B context, the importance of audio branding will continue to grow. It enables an industrial and technology company in international markets to create a universal connection through sound and music while maintaining its brand’s unique identity. The right combination of sounds reinforces brand messaging and customer loyalty with an acoustic expression that resonates across languages and cultures.

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