Marketing communication

For us at the branding agency, B2B marketing communication starts with the brand, brand values, and positioning. Then we select the most suitable options from the various options and combine them into integrated actions.

Complex, integrated, and diverse.

Marketing communication for B2B brands in a networked world.

Today, marketing communication is a broad field. The days of the linear combination of brochure, data sheet, sales document, advertisement, and trade show presentation, for example, for the launch of a new product line, are over in B2B communication. The possibilities and forms of marketing products and the ways of addressing customers have changed. The classic offline world has been joined by diverse digital and virtual forms of communication. These changes make B2B marketing communication more complex, but at the same time more multifaceted.

International marketing communication bridges cultural boundaries and relies on messages that are understood in all languages of the world.

For us as a B2B marketing agency, the foundation of any B2B marketing communication lies in the careful design of the brand strategy, brand identity, brand positioning, and brand elements such as purpose, vision, mission, brand values, brand personality, brand benefits, reason why, brand story and positioning statement. The art is to present products, services, and solutions through compelling stories while choosing the right channels for communication along the entire customer lifecycle. Creating memorable customer experiences and managing the transitions between offline and online communications are critical. Measurable actions and responses are sought to assess the success of the marketing campaign.

Marketing communications opportunities require a holistic view. Even traditional instruments such as the customer magazine continue to find their place in the media mix, which nowadays, however, must be viewed in a networked manner. Content can be strategically deployed at different points in the B2B communications mix to achieve its full impact. Content can be as varied as a blog post or video, can appear in social media or as a more in-depth white paper for download, can be heard as a podcast, and seen, heard, or experienced in many other ways.

In our work as a marketing agency, modern B2B marketing communications are the strategic process of designing and disseminating messages to address target audiences, convey information, influence brand perception and ultimately achieve business objectives. It involves the selection of suitable communication channels to present products, services or brands to a broad audience or specific target audiences. In this interconnected world, flexibility and adaptability are the keys to success, while the brand acts as a constant guiding star. As a B2B marketing agency, we take a holistic view of all these disciplines in terms of efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Advertising: the targeted distribution of advertising messages via various channels such as print media, television, radio, online platforms and social media to attract the attention of the target group.
  • Direct marketing: The direct approach to individual customers through personalized messages, emails or other means to convey specific offers or information.
  • Content marketing: The creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to increase target audience engagement, demonstrate expertise and build long-term customer relationships.
  • Social media marketing: The use of social media platforms to distribute content and engage with the target audience, as well as to build a community around the B2B brand.
  • Influencer marketing: Cooperation with in-house employees or specialist influencers to increase the credibility and reach of the brand and address target audiences through authentic recommendations.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM): The search engine optimization of websites and the placement of paid ads in search engines to improve the visibility of the brand in search results.
  • Mobile marketing: The targeting of marketing activities to mobile devices in order to reach target audiences via mobile apps, SMS marketing, or location-based services.
  • Sales promotion: The use of incentives to increase the sale of products or services, primarily through service, maintenance, cross-selling and up-selling campaigns in industrial and technology markets.
  • Public relations (PR): The cultivation of relationships with the public, media and interest groups to shape the brand image and promote positive coverage.
  • Events and sponsorship: Participation in or organization of events, trade fairs, conferences or sponsorships to strengthen brand presence and create direct contact with the target group.
  • Audio and video branding: The use of audio and visual elements such as jingles, sound logos and videos to create a unique brand identity.

These sub-areas of B2B marketing communication work together, forming a synergy from which we as a marketing agency create a holistic and effective communication strategy that presents the brand in an effective way and connects with the target group.

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