As naming and branding agency for industrial communication, we map the entire branding value chain internationally with our Branding Powerhouse. For more performance, efficiency and creativity. Our goal: absolute customer satisfaction.

Naming strategy Name creation
Welcome to INCREON - your B2B naming agency! Naming in global B2B markets requires a deep understanding of languages, cultures and characters. Since our founding in 2000, we have specialized in developing names for global B2B brand communications. Click on "Go to website" to find out more about how we can help you create a globally effective and memorable name.
Brand consulting Brand positioning
More profile. More visibility. More market success. The B2B branding agency focuses on the close connection between brand, branding and brand identity. As industry branding specialists, we strive to create strong brands that build long-term relationships and generate sustainable revenue. Click on "Go to website" to find out more about how we can take your B2B brand to the next level.
Corporate design Marketing communication
Brand design and strategic brand management are key factors for global B2B brand success. consistent brand development and a recognizable brand design position your brand at the forefront of the customer's mind - and that is precisely our goal as a leading B2B branding agency. Ready for a brand design that clearly sets your B2B brand apart from the competition? Click on "Go to website" to find out more and start your journey to brand success!
Digital strategy Digital Design
Welcome to INCREON DIGITAL - your leading B2B digital agency for comprehensive services in digital strategy, online marketing, digital design and web development. Let us inspire you as we guide you smartly, professionally and quickly along the path of digital transformation. From frontend to full stack, we are your digital sparring partner. Click on "Go to website" to find out more and shape the digital success of your B2B brand!
Photo. Video. Animation. Audio.
Discover the power of visual B2B communication with INCREON Studios! Our photo and Video productions offer visual solutions for industry and technology. As part of INCREON, we stage visual content and focus on the brand and the holistic brand identity. Click "Go to website" to read more about images, videos and animations in B2B brand communication!
3D visualizations Interactive 3D applications
INVIZCOM - As experts in 3D visualization, CGI and XR (Extended Reality - VR, AR), we offer comprehensive solutions to industrial and technology companies. Immerse yourself with us in the world of interactive virtual reality and bring your products, machines, systems and architecture to life. A revolution for marketing, sales and knowledge transfer! Click "Go to website" and find out more about the power of 3D, CGI and animation!

Branding powerhouse for global brand strategies

As a “branding powerhouse”, the INCREON Agency Group covers the entire branding value chain for internationally operating industrial and technology companies. We are characterized by a deep understanding of technology, processes and sales. We combine extensive experience with consulting, creativity and performance for sustainable B2B brand communication. This is appreciated by our clients from industry, (high) technology and B2B, the majority of whom are hidden champions, family businesses, larger SMEs or corporates operating in international markets.

Discover a new dimension of branding excellence with us. From strategy to implementation, we at the INCREON Agency Group are your partner when it comes to creating value and success for brands, markets and business development.

Our customers

In German-speaking countries, Europe, China and worldwide, our focus is on building and developing strong B2B brands. We do this with heart and mind, with creativity and both feet on the ground. This is our approach to achieving first-class performance in naming, branding and B2B marketing communication. Our strength lies in a deep understanding of technology, processes and sales. And in the fact that we use branding as a sustainable tool to help companies survive and grow in highly competitive markets. We are the strong branding powerhouse for our clients.

Our locations




With our agency in Munich, we are always easy to reach for clients from German-speaking countries and Europe. At our agency in the boomtown of Shanghai, we combine German quality standards with a local understanding of the market. And why do we have a location in Mallorca? Because we enjoy real estate development there.

Our philosophy

With passion and authentic branding, we bring technology and industrial companies onto the international stage and make them more successful.

At INCREON Agency Group, we are fascinated by technology and industrial products, essential components of complex manufacturing processes and diverse end products. Our mission is to inspire markets and people for our clients’ companies and their products through authentic branding and inspiring B2B marketing. As a global sparring partner at eye level, we offer holistic consulting, strategy, concept, design and implementation in classic, digital and virtual communication. Our goal: to create sustainable success for our clients in technology and industry.

Welcome to our creative spaces

In our spacious rooms, which are more reminiscent of cozy living rooms than classic offices, well-being is the top priority. Large windows flood the rooms with natural light, creating an airy atmosphere and a positive working environment.

We focus on personal space: no more than four people share a large room, giving everyone individual space to think and work. Our workstations are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enable smooth and efficient working.

Spacious areas are available for breaks and creative meetings. Here, ideas can be exchanged and projects driven forward. At the same time, we offer retreat areas for concentrated work to provide every employee with the ideal environment for productive creativity. With us, work feels like home – inspiring, comfortable and productive.

Full of ideas. Strong in implementation. Consistent.

INCREON stands for Inspiring – Creativity – On Track. Founded in 2000, today we are a strong team that combines a wealth of ideas, implementation strength and consistency. Our expertise covers B2B brand development and brand expansion with services such as naming, branding and brand management as well as brand communication through classic and digital marketing strategies. With a specialized digital team, our own studios for photo, video and animation as well as our own 3D agency for virtualization and visualization.

Are you looking for professional support for consistent brand development, the systematic establishment of solid customer relationships and active selling through a sustainable B2B brand? That’s exactly what we do! Our credo is: “Develop Brands. Create Markets. Generate Business.” What was once an idea for us is now our strategy for success. Through the unique combination of marketing, brand management, creation and state-of-the-art technology, we develop effective communication solutions that provide you with quality, cost and time advantages.

Ready for a new era of creative excellence and sustainable success? Click on the links opposite and discover how INCREON Agency Group can bring your vision to life.

Jobs at the Branding Powerhouse


INCREON is the B2B naming agency for naming strategy and naming in global B2B markets. This is what we specialize in.

Brand Consulting

Our goal as branding experts is to create robust B2B brands that establish long-term relationships and generate sustainable revenue for our clients.

Brand Design

As B2B branding agency, we position our clients’ brands at the forefront of their customers’ minds with a recognizable brand design.


INCREON DIGITAL is a B2B digital agency with comprehensive services in digital strategy, online marketing, digital design and web development.


The photo and video productions at INCREON Studios offer visual solutions for industry and technology and place the brand at the center of attention.


As experts in 3D visualization and CGI, we offer comprehensive solutions for interactive virtual reality and bring products, machines, systems and architecture to life.


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