Video. From the idea to the film.

From thrilling live-action videos to exciting animated films and impressive 3D visualizations in film format — INCREON Studios’ expertise covers a wide range of video formats that take brand messages to a new level.

Messages in moving pictures.

At INCREON Studios, everything revolves around visual communication in moving images for B2B companies in international industrial and technology markets. In line with the brand positioning and brand story, we create videos that tell stories, arouse emotions, explain products, inspire employees and customers, and support sales. The product, technology, performance of the brand — these are the heroes of every story.

Typical video formats at a glance

Live-action film

They are the key to authentic visual stories: Vivid snapshots which draw the viewer in and appeal to their emotions. Live-action videos are suitable for presenting the brand, telling the brand story, and providing insights. Corporate presentations and documentaries can also be presented well using the live-action video format.

Animated film

Animated videos open up a wide range of possibilities. They set things in motion, in 2D or 3D, illustrated in a particular style, with cartoons, half live-action…. There are many ways to create extraordinary worlds and experiences. From a branding perspective, the style has to match the brand and serve its function — for a series of product films, training videos, instructions, or brand campaigns.

3D visualizations in video format

Three-dimensional visualizations play a major role in videos. 3D films are precise and detailed. B2B companies can show their industrial products and technological solutions while providing insight into their structure, workings, and processes. This is one way of visualizing project studies and prototypes or of presenting entire series and model variants. Both customers and employees understand the complex concepts of future-oriented technologies more easily and have completely new, immersive experiences. These tangible realities are impressive.

Multiple use is the keyword for every video production. There are so many ways to publish videos in parts or as a whole in different situations and on various social media channels.

Animated films and videos based on 3D visualizations are not dependent on seasons and weather. Everything is always exactly as needed in the digital studio. And there is no dependence on the availability and mood of actors; they can be created using virtual avatars. All this makes video production much more flexible and versatile.

At INCREON Studios, we think holistically and in terms of brand communication. In our view, a video can never be seen on its own. A video is rarely an isolated solution. This is because when a product video is created as a 3D visualization, sooner or later it becomes a series for all products. When a recruiting or career film is required, several are usually needed to tell the brand story and bring the employer brand to life. When there is a good training video for internal and external purposes, the desire for more films quickly becomes loud. So it goes without saying that we design and produce each project with serialization, reusability, and social media use in mind.

What are the most common video formats in B2B communication?

Image videos

Image videos are the moving, narrative business card in the digital world for international B2B companies. They are the ideal format for conveying brand identity and the central brand message, building trust, and making an emotional impact. They are perfect for presenting the company, its vision, and its values.

Company videos

The company video provides insights. What does the company do? What is developed, produced and supported — and how is it developed, produced, and supported? Where are the headquarters and what is done at the various locations? What are the people in the company like? How do managers and employees act? What messages do they have? The list of these questions, which are of interest to potential customers and applicants alike, can be answered with an encompassing company video or several partial videos. Location videos are a suitable addition here. They provide a convincing insight into the company, its performance and its employees.

Recruiting videos

Videos for recruiting are an important format for attracting the best talent. They provide insights into your company culture and the team, showing future employees their opportunities and career possibilities. Recruiting videos are personal and inspiring while helping to attract the right job candidates.

Product videos

Animated videos and especially 3D visualizations in video format open up special experiences. Innovations, processes, procedures, and much more can be highlighted in a vivid way. This helps in sales. It works in presentations and at trade fairs, trade shows, and exhibitions.

Training videos

Training videos are the modern way to train and educate. They convey complex information in an understandable and efficient way. Training videos are tailored to individual training objectives and help to build knowledge and skills. It is important that your own employees and the customer’s employees can use machines and systems safely.

Whether you wish to strengthen your image, present products, attract talent, or impart knowledge — INCREON Studios has the expertise and creativity to transform visions into moving images. With our holistic branding experience and our skills, we bring key messages to the fore — with live-action films, animated films, and 3D visualization.

a perfect team

Photo, video and virtual realities must be thought and created together. At INCREON this is possible in-house, with all-encompassing services. From creative ideas, concepts and storyboards to shooting and post-production and motion graphics to integration into virtual rooms and videos in virtual rooms with virtual machines and people, everything is possible. Here experts work together on an interdisciplinary basis. For a unique brand or product experience.

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