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Are you interested in projects in which naming, branding, marketing communication, and digital communication are integrated into holistic, advanced solutions? Would you like to develop and manage international B2B brands? Would you like to support the digital transformation of B2B companies from a branding point of view?

Then at INCREON, you are at the right place. This is where unusual people come together to find and implement unusual solutions. Our approach: conceptual strength. Strategic farsightedness. Practical and direct solutions. Strong ideas, clear images, direct texts. And truly integrated branding and marketing communication that takes advantage of the possibilities both offline and online optimally for the brand and for reaching the aims. We lead our customers with this approach and support them with a high degree of commitment, along with cross-media and profound digital expertise.

For our continously growing team at INCREON, we are looking for people who have their hearts in the right place. People who are curious, give new impetus, inspire. Who apply their creativity every day to create new things. And do it with a high degree of reliability toward the team and also toward the customers.

INCREON offers graduates of institutions of higher learning and brand, marketing, communication, and digital professionals who have ambitious goals and enthusiastically follow unconventional solutions varied and interesting assignments.

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Traits that are important to us …

The world of work is becoming ever more complex. The digital transformation is having a stronger and stronger influence on brands, brand communication, and marketing communication. Therefore, we rely on these traits at INCREON:

Astuteness or acumen is a penetrating understanding and the ability to quickly grasp the essentials and rapidly understand. Astuteness is needed at INCREON for naming and branding. Intelligence and critical thinking help in doing small operative work, but not losing oneself in it, and in keeping the big picture in mind.

Feelings and intuition are important counselors and impulse generators: in teamwork, while guiding customers, in making decisions. Those who handle their own feelings well will empathize with others more easily and contribute much to a good work atmosphere within INCREON and in contact with clients and partners.

Passion sets free energy that gives rise to creative ideas and motivation. That inspires the entire INCREON team, moves the client, and turns ideas into successful projects. Passion is an important key to moving forward.

Teams live from a balanced mix of personalities and cultures—at INCREON, too. Every day demands curiosity, interest, sensibility, and an open mind. Diversity is an opportunity and we try to make use of the positive aspects of this variety for our work and our assignments.

Moving within one’s comfort zone is easy and requires little, but does not really bring one further. Leaving the comfort zone and asking uncomfortable questions makes one advance faster. Making decisions, standing up for decisions, wanting to shape things—that requires courage. This can be trained.

Able to improvise
“On track” is one of INCREON’s main promises. Good planning and having details in mind are prerequisites. But not everything runs according to plan. Then talent for improvisation is important; then things have to be tried out. Finding solutions is a creative process in the sense of trial and error. Courage, clarity, and decisiveness are helpful in this regard.

Honesty is more than saying the truth. It has to do with plain dealing, sincerity, openness, fairness, and straightforwardness. Towards oneself. And towards other people and assignments. Honesty is a high value, but the decisive factor for being able to look at yourself in the mirror every evening.

These soft skills mean a lot to us. They help to go forward, break new ground, seize opportunities, shape things, survive setbacks, and to start up again. Building up these characteristics is a lifelong learning process. Personal and professional development are closely linked. That’s a good thing. We at INCREON are not people who play differnt roles on the job and in our private lives. With a high degree of authenticity, we try to remain true to ourselves every day.


  • IHK training company for media design and marketing communication
  • Own trainee programs in consulting and design
  • Teaching positions at BAW (Bavarian Academy of Advertising), University of Applied Sciences Landshut, and BayTech
  • Only permanent employees
  • Attractive salary and possibly variable salary component through performance-based bonuses, as well as occasional project-based profit-sharing
  • Average seniority of more than four years (excluding apprentices and trainees)
  • Annual regulated 40-hour week on average
  • Choose your holiday/vacation time freely; longer holidays/vacations all at once are possible
  • Own nursery on site for parents working part-time
  • Individual employee development through internal and external training
  • Work experience abroad possible in our own agency office in Shanghai
  • Long-term career prospects
  • Regular staff meetings and open team dialogue
  • Independent work and teamwork
  • Flat hierarchy and informal atmosphere
  • Quiet, relaxed work atmosphere in offices with one, two, or a maximum of three staff
  • Bus to the subway (U-Bahn) connection and suburban train (S-Bahn) within walking distance; carpools welcome
  • State-of-the-art technical equipment. Project managers receive Windows PCs; graphic artists use Macs or PCs
  • Own photography/film studio and sound/speaker studio