Brand management in digital communication is more than a uniform appearance or brand identity in print and online. We always interpret brands holistically and always with a view to the brand goals, brand positioning, and strategy. These factors are input in our developing an integrated strategy for the online sector.

Digital brand management is reflected in websites and web applications, the GUI (graphic user interface) of software and apps, moving images (video branding), and audio branding. At the same time, the basic constants like the logo, fonts, colours, design constants, imagery, and tonality must be reflected. The digital requirements of readability, user guidance, and usability must be met. Digital branding makes the brand a sustainable brand experience at customer touchpoints in the customer lifecycle and in presentations, but also in social networks and social media. Content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) are also part of digital brand management. It all belongs together and should be thought out and done together – for truly integrated brand communication.

The right strategy in China

It is important that your strategy takes into account the specifics of the respective market. In China, there are many differences in the behaviour of target groups. How they are addressed, their customer journeys, and the behaviours of the users all vary. Both a diversified strategy and the technical environment must be considered. The accessibility of a website hosted outside of China or even just sending a newsletter can be problematic.

Together with a team of international experts, we work on digital solutions in China and Germany. In INCREON’s Digital Lab, we are specialized in combining your digital future with what is digitally possible.