HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript – these are just some of the languages we speak fluently. Our philosophy in web development is that we recognise early the potential of a web application for your company. In doing so, we check exactly which application possibilities are needed and build the application in such a way that it can be extended in the future without much effort.

Customised solutions

Asking the right questions at the beginning of both small and large projects is essential:

  • Which systems are available and what can they do?
  • Can they achieve what digital brand communication needs?
  • Who are the target groups, are there personas, and which user behaviour can be derived?
  • What kind of activity is associated with what kind of information and how relevant is the content to security?
  • Which basic requirements and which legal specifications must be met, especially with regard to the processing of personal data?

We are specialized in web development for China. We know the special requirements that apply in China on the Internet. Be it the multilingualism of your website or the hosting of websites – benefit from our experience in China since 2004.

Web content management

Nowadays, the use of a CMS (Content Management System) is standard for constructing websites. INCREON relies on WordPress for the construction of your website, since the open source system can be operated at minimal cost and even inexperienced users can quickly learn how to use it. The system also provides numerous plug-ins with which you can expand your system modularly – according to your needs and without much effort. Customer areas, blogs with comment function, or complete forums enable you to enter into direct communication with your customers. Tracking, analysis, and survey tools show you exactly which strategic marketing goals; for example, conversions, are being met and where there is room for improvement. There is a suitable solution for every requirement to realize your customised website.

Make efficient content maintenance possible

The sustainability of the project is very important to us and we pay it a lot of attention. To enable you to work even more effectively with your system, we offer training and education for you and your employees – also directly at your site if you like. Changes to the contents can be made conveniently and without programming knowledge. Exchange images at the push of a button. Change texts just like in a text editor (e.g., Microsoft Word). It is simple and uncomplicated, no matter when and where. For more extensive projects, different user authorization levels ensure that your employees can maintain only the content to which they are assigned. This means that you can also effectively manage a larger network of editors, moderators, translators, and other staff. A versioning system helps you to keep track of which changes have been made by which user. If necessary, changes can be reset to older versions.

Easy maintenance

Besides structuring and maintaining the contents of a website, maintaining the system on an ongoing basis is another factor. Updates at regular intervals ensure that your system remains secure and keeps pace with the constant development on the web. It is advisable to create regular backups so that you can fall back on a backup copy of your site at any time. In addition, high-performance hosting plays a role; that is, the web server from which your website is provided. We offer maintenance packages that take care of these tasks for you – so you can be sure that your system is in good hands.